From its early beginnings at Bournemouth University in 1995, the Defence Electronics History Society (DEHS) comprises a membership of some eminent pioneers of radar along with others who contributed to pathfinding innovations of the 20th Century.

The aim of DEHS is to contribute to the study and public awareness of the history of defence electronics leading to a better understanding of the complex world of technology and its impact in the global marketplace.

To this end, the Society provides an opportunity for military and civilian personnel to communicate and share their experiences with the rest of society through a quarterly publication, seminars and symposia. Meetings are normally held at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham.

You can join the Defence Electronics History Society and contribute to the study and public awareness of technology which is ongoing.

So far, we have devoted much of our attention to radar and radio communications during the Second World War, though this in no sense limits our interest in subject matter or period. For example, our newsletter includes articles on current and future defence electronics.

The benefits of DEHS membership include:

We are keen to expand our membership. If you would like to join us, please click here for guidance and application forms in Word and PDF formats.

Please note that the application form contains a statement on our compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

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